smart|zell complete+

smart|zell complete+

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When combined, our unique formulas work synergistically to help a healthy aging process. With complete+ it is no longer necessary to take a handful of supplements to support your health. Your holistic health can be maintained with one daily supplement.


Collagen hydrolysate, Dextrose, acidifier Calcium citrate E333, magnesium citrate, Glucosamine sulphate, tomato powder, Chia seed, acidifier Citric acid E330, Chondroitin sulfate, Whey protein (Milk protein, Sunflower lecithin, Calcium phosphate), Flavour (flavour extracts, nat. flavouring; contains gum arabic E414), Tropical fruit extract (Maltodextrin, colouring cap-jasmine extract), flavor, Hydroxyproline

Contains animal protein, milk or milk products (incl. Lactose)

Free from genetically modified ingredients

Tested for doping substances
No added lactose
Scientifically documented
100% Made in Germany