powerBOOOST® +emcBOOOST®

powerBOOOST® +emcBOOOST®

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You want to give everything in training and competition. Your body should withstand the increased stress as long as possible. PowerBOOOST® is optimized for ingestion during physical excercise to continuously replenish the energy and muscle stores, to stimulate the metabolism of the cartilage, bone and connective tissue cells and to replace the lost minerals. 
You can achieve your maximum performance for longer! 
  • Continuous replenishment of energy and muscle stores
  • Replaces minerals used in exercise
  • Boosts the performance economy - "keeps the energy curve up"
  • Activates the cell metabolism of cartilage, bone and connective tissue cells



Dextrose, Protein hydrolysate, acidifier Citric acid E330, Collagen hydrolysate, Flavour (flavour extracts, nat. flavouring; contains gum arabic E414), natrium citrate, acidifier calcium citrate E333, Glucosamine sulphate, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, Chondroitin sulphate, Hydroxyproline

Contains animal protein, milk or milk products (incl. Lactose)

Free from genetically modified ingredients
Tested for doping substances
No added lactose
Scientifically documented
100% Made in Germany

As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Mixing instruction: 1 serving/portion per day = 50g (approx. 5 tablespoons) dissolved in 500ml water. Recommended dose per hour during physical excercise.