For all sports activities there is an important nutritionally relevant subject in training theory: the window of recovery. This is a window of 20-30 minutes immediately following physical training where the body optimally absorbs glycogen and protein. Conventional wisdom called for a heavy meal in order to replenish what was just lost, but this can be very hard on the stomach. A lesser known fact is that by drinking pure water during this window, more minerals are lost than replenished. In addition to the physical recovery window, there is a concurrent psychoneuroimmunologic phenomenon called the “open window” during which the body is particularly susceptible to germs and other pathogens. This means there is an increased risk of disease and infection in connection with higher physical and mental strain.

Every athlete knows, that working out not only depletes your energy and muscles, but also puts great strain on your joints, bones, and connective tissue. reBOOOST®, with its patented formula, delivers energy and the necessary building blocks for bones, cartilage, and connective tissue for optimal recovery. reBOOOST® also includes a “door opener“ which helps stimulate cell metabolism ensuring that the provided materials are absorbed in an optimal way.

Physically active individuals strain the body much more so than the average person.  reBOOOST supports the stressed physical components of the body such as joints, cartilage, bones, connective tissue, and ligaments with formulas for each variation of cell metabolism. Additionally, it supports the temporarily weakened immune system – allowing for sustainable, healthy performance.

reBOOST provides athletes the optimal 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein during the recovery stage. This ratio has been substantiated by scientific studies, and is a key factor in reBOOOST’s effectiveness.